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税込$32.99バンドル – 79%割引で購入できるアセット

このバンドルの内容:Whiskey Structure Builder, Roguelike Generator Pro – Level & Dungeon Procedural Generator, Component Names, Combat Framework.

税込$38.49バンドル – 91%割引で購入できるアセット

Local Avoidance, Wheel Controller 3D, OmniShade PBR – Physically Based Uber Shader, Grid Placement System, Geometry Algorithms, InteliMap AI Tilemap Generator, EzChart, Procedural Circular Progress Bar Pro.

税込$43.99バンドル – 96%割引で購入できるアセット

Asset Cleaner PRO – Clean | Find References, hysics Based Character Controller, Ragdoll Animator, Ultimate Crafting System, File Browser PRO, Real Ivy 2 Procedural Ivy Generator, Figma Converter for Unity, Asset Inventory, HDRP Time Of Day – Lighting, Weather & Clouds, Blaze AI Engine, Procedural Lightning – High Performance and Shocking Lightning, Voxel Generator, See-through Shader, Stylized Rock Generator, Gravity Engine, Spline Mesh Deform, Projectile Toolkit – Targeting and Trajectory Prediction.